Screens & Facades

Perforated metal from Accurate Perforating for screens and facades.

Perforated metal is the perfect choice for sunscreens, sunshades and building façades. It provides the longest life of any screening material, along with the ability to choose hole sizes and spacing to precisely control the light level, view and privacy level desired for any application.

For example, perforated metal balcony in-fill panels can give a large apartment building a sophisticated look while providing shade, privacy screening, wind reduction and energy savings. Perforated metal also excels as a screening material for HVAC units, parking facilities, trash dumpsters, roadways and more, offering a wide variety of options for maximum resistance to weather, graffiti and general wear and tear.

Click on the images on this page to see what we mean. Also see how perforated metal excels in:

Noise Abatement Perforated metal is an excellent choice for noise control in many specific environments.

Interior Ornamentation Perforated metal can offer the perfect balance between strength and lightness, with unique aesthetic benefits, for interior ornamentation.