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Posted on 01-20-17

Going green can mean more than energy-efficient lightbulbs. With the right building design, your structure or building feature can actually flow with nature. The benefits might surprise you — from better health and morale to increased environmental awareness.

Posted on 01-19-17

Perforated metal sheets serve a purpose beyond basic functionality, and that’s led architects and building designers to increasingly incorporate it into structures. The customization options are endless when considering shape, size, material and texture. Put a creative mind behind it, and metal perforated sheet can be one of a building’s most stunning and recognizable features.

Posted on 11-30-16

Modern architecture values flair and functionality. Few materials achieve both as well as decorative sheet metal. Including perforated metal in architecture is a smart way to provide shading, noise control and more while it also serves as a stunning visual feature. Building designers can take advantage of various materials and styles to serve countless architectural purposes.

Following are some key benefits of architectural perforated metal, and tips to make the most of its potential uses.

Aesthetic Benefits

Posted on 10-19-16

Even the Internet has to breathe. It seems simple enough that your Wi-Fi and router stay online via a single cord that’s visible to you. Beyond that cord, however, is a seemingly endless network of piping hot servers that need ventilation to keep from shutting down.

Posted on 09-28-16

When you think futuristic design, almost no example is better than the recently completed train station at the Cermak-McCormick Place stop in Chicago. Besides an elegant, modern appearance, it makes incredibly smart use of material — namely, perforated steel.

An Innovative Use of Space and Material

Posted on 09-28-16

Perforated metal shutters are an elegant and highly functional way to control light flow — especially in industrial and commercial applications. They are lightweight, highly resistant to wear and tear, and are very effective. Why should you consider metal window shutters? Read on to learn more.

A Smart Solution for Blocking Light

Posted on 08-12-16

Architecture encompasses both function and aesthetics. One way that designers achieve a sleek, modern look is by incorporating decorative perforated metal in their creations. While serving functional purposes — such as providing shade and sound control — decorative metal sheets simultaneously add elements of depth, texture and color to a structure.

Endless Applications

Posted on 06-23-16

Perforated Metal And Sound Absorption

Perforated metal serves a multitude of purposes, from lighting to aesthetics. One of its most useful functions is sound absorption. Acoustic panels effectively reduce unwanted noise by helping to disperse it. Modern buildings — especially those located in louder commercial districts — face new challenges in controlling noise. Nothing disrupts workflow and diminishes morale like an endless background cacophony.

Posted on 02-25-16

Whether for function or appearance, the right perforated pattern matters. What options are available, and how do you know what’s right for your application?

What Type of Hole is Best for You?

Posted on 12-14-15

Perforated metal has countless applications in architecture, not the least of which is décor. Perforated metal panels can provide a missing layer of depth to any structure — and in architecture, attention to ornamental detail can make all the difference. Below, read about five impressive feats of modern architecture that creatively use perforated metal as decoration.