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Posted on 12-11-14

GOING BEYOND COMMODITY SHEET METAL PERFORATION - How a Chicago perforator expanded into precision sheet metal fabrication

Accurate Perforating doesn’t just make holes anymore. It provides entire perforated and fabricated sheet metal components. The 200-employee Chicago manufacturer has done a lot to stand out in a consolidated sector.

Posted on 09-15-14

Accurate Perforating didn’t become ISO 9001:2008 certified just to benefit our customers.  Being ISO certified results in so many internal benefits to the operations of our company.  Of course those benefits eventually mean lower prices, faster lead-times, and higher quality for our customers.  Below is a handful of the benefits we’re experiencing:

Posted on 08-14-14


ISO 9001:2008 does so much more than give customers peace of mind that they will receive high quality products.  There are significant benefits to the ISO certified company as well. 

Posted on 08-14-14

Perforated metal is frequently used to influence the look and form of a space.  The material is so versatile; it can create separation, enhance lighting, and give an environment a modern, industrial feel all at the same time.  It’s the go-to-material when designers want to enhance the appearance of a setting.

Posted on 08-13-14

Prime-time television frequently uses perforated metal to enhance the look and feel of the production sets. Recently, Accurate Perforating was asked to design and manufacture the perforated panels for NBC’s hit show American Ninja Warrior (NBC, Monday Nights, 9/8c).“

Posted on 02-27-14

On February 5th, Accurate Perforating & Accurate Metal Fabricating received certifications of conformity to ISO 9001:2008 from American Systems Registrar, LLC (ASR) of Wyoming, Mich.  The International Organization for Standardization (ISO)’s recognized management standard confirms that Accurate’s perforating and metal fabricating facilities have established a quality management system that is in conformance with the International Quality System Standard for the processing of perforated metal and precision fabricated sheet metal.

Posted on 01-07-13

In a continuing effort to strengthen our operation and expand market presence in the architectural and building products markets, Accurate Perforating has signed a new independent sale representative to the team. The Conners Sales Group will partner with Accurate Perforating to provide architectural and building products solutions for the Mid‐Atlantic’s architectural market.

Posted on 12-19-12

In a recent Wall Street Journal story, Demand for Architects Building Momentum, they discuss the recent increase in the Architectural Billing Index a leading indicator of activity in the architectural community which should lead to growth in the construction market.  This increase could be a positive sign that new projects maybe on the horizon.

Posted on 11-20-12

Greenbuild 2012

The last architectural trade show of the 2012 season has come to an end.


Posted on 11-01-12

It’s always an honor when your business is recognized for its accomplishments or efforts, but that honor carries even more weight when it’s from a group of your peers and fellow members of the industry.