Perforated Steel

Perforated steel sheet

Accurate Perforating has over 65 years of experience manufacturing perforated steel. We have hundreds of tools that can be configured to offer thousands of different patterns in material as light as 24 gauge and as heavy as 1/2" in widths up to 72". We produce perforated steel in custom coils, sheets and blanks, and can also fabricate and finish perforated steel into a component that’s ready to be installed.

Perforated steel is used in a countless applications and industries including air diffusers in the HVAC market, acoustical panels for noise control, and architectural elements in building construction – to name just a few. A variety of finishes can be applied to create the desired look and seal out the elements for maximum life. This highly sustainable material can be produced from recycled material, lasts for generations, and can be completely recycled again when no longer needed.

Perforated steel air diffuser for manufacturersThe most common material used is perforated steel.  We perforate steel for nearly every market we serve.  In this photo we show a perforated steel air diffuser that can be made from perforated steel provided in coils or in ready cut blank form.   For more information about this application see our project brief.

Because perforated steel most often will rust in a short period of time, we offer our customers the service of painting or plating the material.  Perforated, fabricated and painted steel is found on all types of agricultural equipment and in certain architectural applications.

Call us today or request a quote directly from this site. A professional OEM or Architectural Estimator will be glad to help you with any of your perforated steel requirements.