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Perforated Metal for OEMs | Accurate Perforating

Accurate Perforating collaborates with OEMs and fabricators from initial quote through final delivery, to provide quality perforated components

Accurate Perforating collaborates with OEMs and fabricators everyday to help bring better products to market.  We offer far more than just perforated metal, we offer full services for planning, engineering, fabrication, finishing and delivering your perforated components. We work with engineers, product managers and procurement specialists to deliver the right mix of services. We understand your industry’s challenges and requirements, and we have the knowledge and equipment to help you meet them.

In addition to perforated sheets and coils, Accurate Perforating can supply formed, fabricated and finished components, sparing your own tooling and labor for other projects or reducing the number of vendors you must rely on, reducing your total cost and lead times.

Our engineers and estimators are trained and experienced in collaborating with OEMs and fabricators to achieve a superior product, delivered faster, at a lower overall cost. Our buying leverage allows us to offer better prices for materials, better lead times and a larger stock to ensure availability.

As a one-stop provider for perforated metal sheets, coils and finished components, we maximize production efficiency while retaining tight control over production quality and project management. That means more sophisticated components, manufactured to tighter tolerances, without mistakes, delays or quality issues.  We can even offer warehousing, fulfillment, and just-in-time delivery solutions tailored to your requirements.       

For all these reasons, OEMs and fabricators are turning to Accurate Perforating as the one supplier they need. We encourage you to contact us today.