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Posted on 07-31-17

Perforated metal has found its way into architecture and designs of all kind because of its functionality and visual appeal. Here are a few common uses for perforated metal.

Light and Sound Control

Posted on 07-12-17

When Savanah began to develop her concept for the contest, she considered the volume of people that attend NeoCon and the issues that can occur with overcrowding of spaces. Colestock explained, “My main focus was really good circulation and to offer a space that is open and airy”. The layout features meeting spaces, via tall circular tables to facilitate discussions about the materials in the pavilion, and provide an area of rest while navigating the massive show.

Posted on 05-23-17

Why is perforated metal becoming so popular for architects and designers? Part of the reason lies in a larger trend toward environmentally friendly building. Designers are looking for ways to more smartly use building features and space.

For them, perforated metal design is an attractive concept. Not only does it open a world of energy-efficient possibilities, but it adds an impressive, attractive level of depth to a building façade. Rarely does a “green building” feature catch attention merely because it’s visually appealing.

Posted on 04-24-17

A building’s energy efficiency often comes down to small changes. Other times, however, a single building feature can make a huge difference. Perforated metal cladding is an obvious choice for energy-efficient building design because you see an immediate difference — from better, smarter airflow to natural lighting.

Here are a few key energy-efficiency benefits you can expect from perforated metal sunshades and exterior cladding.

Posted on 03-15-17

When you think perforated metal, you probably imagine light screens, staircases or decorative building facades. What you might not realize is that perforated metal is often the unsung hero deep in the heart of everyday machinery.

Posted on 03-10-17

When workplaces pass on security fences, one of the biggest reasons is appearance. Let’s face it — standard chain link fences can be eyesores. But fences in general don’t have to be. In fact, perforated fencing can improve overall appearance while protecting your property. It’s sturdier than other fencing options and can be customizable.

Why Are Perforated Metal Panels Better Than Other Options?

Posted on 01-24-17

Perforated metal is not new to building and design. The perforating process, however, has evolved quite a bit over the years as manufacturers seek more efficient ways to create perfect panels. The tools have changed, and so have the techniques — but at Accurate Perforating Company, the commitment to manufacturing a high-quality end product has remained unchanged, regardless of the perforation tool or machine used.

Posted on 01-20-17

Going green can mean more than energy-efficient lightbulbs. With the right building design, your structure or building feature can actually flow with nature. The benefits might surprise you — from better health and morale to increased environmental awareness.

Posted on 01-19-17

Perforated metal sheets serve a purpose beyond basic functionality, and that’s led architects and building designers to increasingly incorporate it into structures. The customization options are endless when considering shape, size, material and texture. Put a creative mind behind it, and metal perforated sheet can be one of a building’s most stunning and recognizable features.

Posted on 11-30-16

Modern architecture values flair and functionality. Few materials achieve both as well as decorative sheet metal. Including perforated metal in architecture is a smart way to provide shading, noise control and more while it also serves as a stunning visual feature. Building designers can take advantage of various materials and styles to serve countless architectural purposes.

Following are some key benefits of architectural perforated metal, and tips to make the most of its potential uses.

Aesthetic Benefits