CNC Punching

Accurate Perforating's Amada EMZ 3610 turret press

Accurate has been punching shapes into metal for nearly seven decades. We have dozens of perforating presses, numerous turret presses, and hundreds of tools to cover any metal punching requirement. We can punch material as thick as 1/2" and as thin as 28 gauge. We can process material up to 6' wide and sheets as long as 20' feet. We can even punch coils hundreds of feet long on one of our perforating press.

Our newest punching machine is a 33 ton, 58 station Amada EMZ 3610 Turret Press. Its high-speed servo-electric, twin drive system can punch 500 holes per minute and up to 1800 pitch marks per minute with accuracy over the entire sheet of +/-.002". The EMZ's 60" x 100" bed, the largest commercially available, can handle an 8' sheet without repositioning. On-board forming and high quality processing eliminate secondary operations reducing lead-times and cost.

Accurate can handle virtually any metal punching request. Contact us today to discuss your needs.