Clear Anodized Finish

Designers and architects looking for a material that is both corrosion resistant while preserving the glossy metal appearance might consider an anodized clear coat. Through the process of anodization, aluminum and other metals can be strengthened for use in rigorous environments. Accurate Perforating is a leading manufacturer of perforated panels with a clear anodized finish.

How Anodization Creates a Strong and Lasting Anodized Clear Coat Finish

Anodization has become a common practice in metalwork, as it is ideal when the material will be exposed to high traffic. While some metals are naturally more resistant to wear and tear, anodization is an excellent option for metals such as aluminum. It works like this: The metal is immersed in an acid electrolyte bath. An electric current is passed through the medium so oxygen ions can be released from the electrolyte and combine with aluminum atoms at the surface.

In effect, the process speeds a transformation that would naturally occur to the metal over time. But by doing it in a deliberate, controlled manner, your end product is perfectly uniform and attractive in appearance.

At Accurate Perforating, we specialize in bringing you the perfect perforated materials for your project, including panels with a clear anodized aluminum finish.

How Does a Clear Anodized Finish Compare with Standard Anodization?

It’s essentially the same process, only no dyes or pigments are used. The end product retains all of the physical benefits of anodization, but the metal maintains a natural appearance.

The Benefits of a Quality Clear Anodized Finish

Designers who opt for an anodized finish have appearance and functionality in mind. As mentioned above, you have the option of clear coating or dyed. Both options complement an impressive shine that results from the anodization process.

Then there is performance. An anodized finish means the product can withstand more wear and tear than usual. As a result, designers often choose anodized metal for such features as stairs, rails and doorways. It preserves the solid appearance while saving in repair and replacement costs over time.

At Accurate Perforating, we have the facilities, tools and expertise to ensure you get exactly what you need when it comes to clear-coat anodizing and other metal services. Our team will work closely with yours to determine the best option for your specific application.

To learn more about the clear-coat anodizing process and to find out what Accurate Perforating can do for you, contact us today.