Corrugated Metal

Accurate Perforating Company is an industry leader in manufacturing corrugated sheet metal. We produce high-quality materials used for countless applications. Below, learn more about the benefits of using corrugated metal panels, as well as the options we offer.

What Is Corrugated Metal

Manufacturers have created corrugated metal products for nearly two centuries. While the process has changed, the benefits have not. Corrugated metal sheets are made of various metals, which are cold-rolled and made to include linear corrugated patterns. They are created by roll forming, an incredibly cost-effective means of production that gives us the flexibility to customize to your specifications. At Accurate Perforating Company, we produce top-quality corrugated metal panels that are perfect for your application.

Applications for Corrugated Metal

Corrugated metal panels are used in countless applications, most notably in building and construction. Here are a few common applications:

  • Roofing. For roofing applications, corrugated metal helps to channel rainwater.
  • Floors. Corrugated metal is excellent for proper drainage and traction.
  • Siding. Corrugated metal can help reduce pooling water.
  • Decks. For outdoor uses, such as decks, corrugated metal is excellent for keeping surfaces dry to reduce slippage.

At Accurate Perforating Company, we understand the ins and outs of industrial applications for corrugated metal. We understand the strengths and limits, and can help you select the best product.

Types of Corrugated Metal

At Accurate Perforating Company, we offer a range of options for corrugated metal panels. In addition to standard corrugated steel sheets, we offer corrugated aluminum and corrugated copper. You can choose a material that best helps you achieve your building objective. For example, corrugated aluminum is lightweight, malleable and resistant to certain types of corrosion. Likewise, copper is a strong option when it comes to strength and corrosion resistance. Each material offers a unique aesthetic, allowing you to use corrugated metal for visual depth and texture in your building design. The Accurate Perforating Company staff can help you make the selection that works best for you.

Benefits of Using Corrugated Metal

Why should you consider corrugated metal over another type of building material? One common reason is flexibility of the material itself. The linear corrugated pattern gives you more ability to bend the panels for specific purposes. Of course, that ease of bending only applies to one direction of the sheet metal — along the corrugations — leaving the other direction as strong as necessary.

The variety of available materials, and the aesthetic qualities that can present a new spin on an otherwise drab design are additional benefits.

Why Accurate Perforating Company

At Accurate Perforating Company, we have a long history and a solid reputation in the sheet metal industry. We are a trusted partner, bringing unmatched expertise and innovation to the table for your building project. Our staff takes the time to understand your project so we can provide the right level of guidance. In addition to manufacturing corrugated metal, we specialize in perforation of all kinds.

Whether your purpose is aesthetic or functional building design, we can help you achieve your goal. To learn more about perforated metal and what we can do for you, contact us today.