Final Component Fabrication Options

Perforated metal final component fabrication options.


On top of our standard fabricating processes, like forming, bending, cutting, and welding, we can perform additional fabricating operations, including profiling, radius rolling, corrugating, notching and more to give you ultimate control over how the final component will install and appear.

Countersunk Holes

Holes are tapered inwards so all the head of a screw or bolt are flush with the surface.

Mounting Holes

Holes used to mount the sheet or component with a screw or bolt.


An area on a perforated sheet or blank cut-out for design or functionality.

Corner Profiling

When a radius is cut on a sheet or component to round the edge for design or functionality.

Formed/Rolled Radius

A forming process that consistently rolls or forms metal into radiused shapes adding strength and aesthetic appeal.


The process of forming material into a consistent, symmetrical profile to enhance the visual appearance or increase strength