Services for OEMs and Fabricators

We offer so much more than just metal perforating and fabricating

We know that OEMs and fabricators often want assistance with product design, manufacturing, and logistics. That’s why we go way beyond perforating and fabricating.  Accurate Perforating provides you the service and support to offer you a more cost-effective solution.  In addition to our standard capabilities, we offer the following services to help you quickly bring a better, lower-cost product to market.

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Our in-house engineers are capable of designing and manufacturing a component that performs flawlessly to your specification.  Many variables must be taken into account to successfully convert a customer's specifications and drawings into a finished part. Our full-time engineering department utilizes advanced technologies to ensure design functionality when prototyping, processing and engineering your concepts. We use the latest processing design & drawing, such as Solid Works Solid Modeling, AutoCAD, and Metalsoft to refine your part before production begins.


To guarantee that we make the exact part that you need, our estimators can create a manufacturing print that will show you exactly what we intend to make. This eliminates all of the guesswork, increases communication, reduces lead-time and decreases costs.


Accurate keeps samples of the most popular patterns in our tool library and can supply them to you at no cost. Samples are available in select 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" powder-coated swatches or 8" x 8" uncoated sheets. If a larger sample, a different pattern, another material or a different gauge is required, we can custom manufacture it for a fee. On larger projects, the cost of the sample often is credited to the total cost of the project.


We develop prototypes from drawings quickly and precisely. After the prototype is fabricated, it is scrutinized to ensure specified compliance is achieved.  Our engineers thoroughly examine the component in order to improve production quality, functionality and cost. All of our hard work up front allows us to produce a component that performs flawlessly.

Custom-Quality Programs

Often, our clients need parts with quality specifications that exceed the IPA's perforated metal industry quality standards. Accurate can implement special quality standards for individual clients or specific projects to ensure all parts are received with the necessary quality specifications. We will meet your special tolerance including flatness, squareness and camber.


Our comprehensive packaging and assembly operation handles any size job on time. We can incorporate outside materials; such as glass, plastic and wood; apply decals, integrate electronics, assemble components and much more. Contact us to discuss the following packaging and assembly services:

•Material Integration
•Hardware Installation
•Electronics Installation
•Graphic Application
•Instruction Insertion
•Detailed and Comprehensive Packaging


Our shipping department oversees all fulfillment work, coordinating supplies, storage and drop shipping for seamless just-in-time processes and unequaled product quality.  Accurate also maintains strong relationships with LTL and truckload carriers for smooth shipping transactions.

Custom Packaging

Our perforating and fabrication divisions have extremely proficient and flexible shipping departments with custom packaging cells able to specially pack your order to ensure safe delivery.  We can package your material and components to your exact specifications upon request.  When necessary, we have developed relationships with custom packaging houses across North American to meet specific client requirements

Listed below are some of our more popular custom packaging options available:

  • Custom Coil Cores (cardboard, metal)
  • Custom Coil Positioning (eye-to-the-sky, eye-to-the-side)
  • Custom Robust Pallets (extra runners, thicker boards)
  • Custom Banding and Supports
  • Custom Crates.


Between our perforation and fabrication divisions, we have more than 30,000 square feet of storage space available. We can stock your parts and ship them to you whenever necessary.  We can even drop-ship your items to anywhere in the world. This saves you carrying costs and reduces transportation fees.

Blanket Orders

Because we have significant storage space and strong buying power, we can offer you our blanket order program to significantly reduce your carrying costs, lead-times and standard price.

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