Hole Shapes For Perforated Metal

perforated metal shapes

One of the key benefits of perforated metal is that the perforations can be customized to meet your specific needs. From round hole perforated metal to slotted hole perforated metal, hole shape can help you accomplish endless tasks. At Accurate Perforating Company, we specialize in providing options specifically suited to your needs. Read on to learn more about the benefits of sheet metal with holes, the options available and what Accurate Perforating Company can do for you.

Endless Applications for Customized Perforations

Size and shape matter — especially when it comes to perforated metal. In countless industries, you’ll find innovative uses for perforated metal. Here are a few of the more common uses:

- Filtration. From food products to water used in machinery, perforated metal is a staple in filtration. Perforated sheet metal with round holes is ideal for catching unwanted debris or contaminates. The options for material help to ensure that your perforated panel can withstand virtually any rigors.
- Sorting. Larger perforations are excellent for sorting. Everything from grains to recycling can be sorted with the help of the right perforated sheet metal.
- Machinery. Machines big and small need to be ventilated, and perforated metal gives you options for ventilation systems that allow heat to escape without being too open to potentially harmful objects.
- Lighting. Perforated metal has long been used as a means for allowing in natural light. You have even more control over the level of light when considering the size, shape and configuration of the holes.
- Décor. Customized perforated metal can add a great deal of beauty to your structure. Perforations give depth, and the light they allow can accentuate any room.

Hole Shapes Available

At Accurate Perforating Company, we are known for our wide range of options for perforated metal panels from square to staggered. Below are our key offerings, although we are not limited to these designs only. If you don’t see a pattern you would like, just let us know so we can create it for you.

- Round Staggered. These perforations are not aligned in standard rows and columns; rather, they appear slanted.
- Round Straight. With this option, the holes are strictly up and down, left to right.
- Slot. Slotted perforated metal appears elongated up close. From a distance, the metal slots appear as lines and give an illusion of direction.
- Square. Square perforated metal gives almost a mesh appearance. Square hole perforated metal is a popular option.
- SuperPerf. These holes are typically smaller in diameter and are perforated into thicker gauges of steel.

We also offer custom and ornamental perforations to meet your specifications.

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Why Work With Accurate Perforating Company?

At Accurate Perforating Company, we are experts in perforated metal of all kinds. We excel at projects requiring customization. Our skilled team can help you make the best decision possible, regardless of your project or application. Contact us today to learn more about our shape, hole and size options, and to find out how Accurate Perforating Company can help you meet your design goals.