Architectural Applications

Perforated metal in decorative interior design.
Our materials are used in a wide range of interior applications including privacy screening, lighting enclosures, and decorative elements. Perforated metal provides the perfect balance between strength and lightness.
Perforated metal HVAC screens and diffusers.
We make perforated materials used for commercial air diffusers, fan guards, and clean room screens. Our perforated metal is used extensively to make air cleaner and people more comfortable everywhere.
Perforated metal acoustical panels for noise control.
We specialize in perforating and fabricating acoustical panels to control unwanted sound in public, professional, and technological spaces.
Security ceiling systems, perforated metal
Our security ceiling and wall systems offer institutions a safer and healthier environment by establishing an impervious interior barrier that is engineered to absorb sound and resist mold and mildew.
Perforated metal sunscreens and sunshades.
Perforated sunscreens are used to reduce heat and glare from the sun while still allowing natural light to illuminate the interior of the building. Accurate can produce a custom sunscreen that compliments your unique vision perfectly.
Building facades, perforated metal
Accurate provides custom facades and cladding that seamlessly fit building wall, glass curtain walls, and parking garages. Choose from many perforation patterns and corrugation profiles to achieve the desired look and feel.
Perforated metal railing in-fill panels
Whether you need standard sheets or custom perforated panels with margins or fabricated channels, we will perforate and fabricate your in-fill panels exactly to your specifications.
Accurate Perforating specializes in perforating and fabricating custom ceiling panels for small jobs requiring only dozens of panels to projects over a hundred thousand square feet.
Perforated metal furniture, seating
Designers create furniture, and components that bring beauty to all kinds of spaces. We execute their designs in many materials, including thick aluminum and steel.
Stair treads, risers, and staircases constructed of perforated metal
Perforated stair tread risers are utilized to provide visual interest, airflow, and security. Perforated metal stair treads offer a modern urban design while also imparting flexibility, strength, and cleanability.
Perforated metal for privacy and decorative screening
Perforated metal is the ideal material to screen mechanicals, transition dissimilar buildings, hide unsightly areas, and beautify a plain structure while providing airflow and visual interest.
Perforated metal fencing solutions
Perforated is an excellent material for fencing as it offers superior strength and security yet allows air and light to flow through. You can easily adjust the perforation pattern to get desired look and the perfect open area.
Perforated LED Backlit Graphic Signage
Accurate Perforating can Incorporate our perforated graphic signage with a backlighting affect to create a stunning impression for any space.