Perforated Metal Furnishings

Bringing Durable Beauty to Outdoor Spaces

Design for a home or business doesn’t stop at the back door. Outdoor furnishings should complement the architecture of the building and extend the indoor artistry to the outdoor spaces. Perforated metal furnishings are the select choice for strength, durability and aesthetics. At Accurate Perforating, we supply components or finished products to designers and engineers who create specialty furniture—bringing beauty to your outdoor spaces.

Outdoor furnishings need to be able to withstand weather and weight, but can also make a strong statement for beauty of design. Perforated metal furnishings are both rugged and aesthetically pleasing.


Exterior use necessitates strength of design and weather resistant materials. We fabricate perforated metal furnishings in a variety of durable materials, including thick aluminum and steel. Internal framing components are solid (without perforation), to yield the greatest strength to your furnishings at key structural areas. We also offer performance-proven finishing types—powder coated, anodized, Kynar or PVDF, Duranar, PPG brand paints and more—guaranteed for long lasting beauty. Since we have expertise in the architectural market, we can recommend select options for weather resistant exterior architectural coatings. The end product—beautiful outdoor furnishings that last.

Customized Design Options

At Accurate Perforating, we have the experience in fabricating and finishing as well as the available tools to offer many customized features:

  • Pattern tooling options
  • Options to perforate end and side margins
  • Multiple perforating patterns with our extensive tooling library
  • Laser equipment to customize a logo for your business, city, or shopping center/mall
  • Ability to design new perforating patterns to match your unique needs

Accurate Perforating has the capabilities to take your outdoor furnishing project from design to fabrication to finish, saving you the headaches of warehousing the products during the production phase. Call us or request a quote online for quality perforated metal furnishings that will bring beauty to your outdoor spaces.