Security Ceilings

One Solution for Strength and Design

Perforated metal is the material of choice when you need superior strength and flexibility of design—all in one solution. Perforated metal security ceilings provide a strong physical barrier that also meets unique features vital to several industries.


Jails, prisons, and correctional facilities have to be built from materials with a proven track record for strength. Our perforated metal security ceilings are designed to provide a tamper resistant physical barrier that installs easily and securely. We work with engineers, contractors, and suppliers to provide ceiling systems for these industries, offering the largest sizing selection available in two primary models: 

  • Plank Ceilingsfor medium to high security locations feature overlapping metal planks to ensure a tamper proof solution. These are available in perforated or solid metal, ranging from 12- to 20-gauge steel or 0.40-gauge aluminum and in plank sizes of 1’ x 10’, 1.5’ x 10’ and 2’ x 10’.
  • Panel Ceilingsfor minimum to medium security facilities feature a concealed locking system. These panels are available (perforated or solid) in gauges ranging from 18- to 20-gauge steel or 0.40-gauge aluminum and in panel sizes from 1’ x 2’, 1’ x 4’, 2’ x 2’, and 2’ x 4’. Panel ceilings install over a heavy duty frame with our unique click locking feature for the audible assurance that components are securely locked in.


Design options in perforated metal security ceilings allow you to meet a number of industry requirements:

  • Proper ventilation and air flow to meet health and sanitation regulations
  • Optimal acoustics for environmental noise reduction
  • Washable baked-on enamel finish for easy cleaning
  • Ease of installation—a sample kit with instructions is provided and all parts arrive pre-numbered to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle
  • Aesthetically attractive ceiling

Our team at Accurate inspects each step of the process—from the raw materials to the finishing and painting—ensuring that each piece meets our critical standards and guarantees ease of installation for you. For full specifications and downloadable documents regarding our standard and custom security ceiling solutions, visit our Security Ceilings Systems section. Call us today to customize your security ceiling solution!