Additional services provided by Accurate Perforating for service centers.

We add value for service centers and distributors.

Accurate Perforating delivers many services to complement perforating and fabricating for our service center and distributor clients. These help ensure your satisfaction with our products, prices and lead times. Scan the list below and contact us at (877) 448-0640 for more details.


If you have special material or are able to purchase material at an advantageous rate, Accurate Perforating can perforate it for you,  charging you only the cost of processing the order and material, setting up the equipment and perforating the material.


Between our perforation and fabrication divisions, we have more than 30,000 square feet of storage space available. We can stock your parts and ship them to you whenever necessary. We can even drop-ship your items to anywhere in the world. This saves you carrying costs and reduces transportation fees.  It will also significantly reduce your carrying costs, lead-times and standard price.

Custom Packaging

Our perforating and fabrication divisions have extremely proficient and flexible shipping departments with custom packaging cells able to specially pack your order to ensure safe delivery.  We can package your material and components to your exact specifications upon request.  When necessary, we have developed relationships with custom packaging houses across North American to meet specific client requirements

Listed below are some of our more popular custom packaging options available:

  • Custom Coil Cores (cardboard, metal)
  • Custom Coil Positioning (eye-to-the-sky, eye-to-the-side)
  • Custom Robust Pallets (extra runners, thicker boards)
  • Custom Banding and Supports
  • Custom Crates.

Precision Material Flatness

At Accurate Perforating, we're obsessed with making perforated sheets virtually flat.  In fact, Accurate has the equipment and skills to make sheets far flatter than what the perforating industry recommends.  We have numerous leveling systems in-house, each one designed to flatten metal within a particular material thickness range.   Our engineers and estimators can guide you to the ideal solution to provide you the flattest sheet possible.  Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Custom-Quality Programs

Often, our clients need parts with quality specifications that exceed the IPA's perforated metal industry quality standards. Accurate can implement special quality standards for individual clients or specific projects to ensure all parts are received with the necessary quality specifications. We will meet your special tolerance including flatness, squareness and camber.


To guarantee that we make the exact part that you need, our estimators can create a manufacturing print that will show you exactly what we intend to make. This eliminates all of the guesswork, increases communication, reduces lead-time and decreases costs.

Payment Terms

We understand that the most important service we can offer is giving you the opportunity to earn your customer’s business. When necessary, Accurate Perforating can work with you on special payment terms to help you secure the deal. Contact your local Accurate Perforating sales person to see if you qualify for special payment terms.

Call us at (888) 752-2335 to discuss your needs!