CNC Forming

CNC Forming & Bending

Sheet Metal Precision Forming & Bending Specialists

Accurate's precision sheet metal fabrication capabilities really shine when it comes to forming and bending metal. We have nearly seventy years of experience and over two dozen press brakes and panel benders. We can provide our customers high-quality, precision forming at competitive costs. Accurate has the capabilities to form material as thick as 1/2", as thin as 28 gauge, and up to 12' wide. We have a large library of tools to meet most forming requirements. We can also develop custom tooling as necessary.

Our newest press brake is a 143 ton, 8 axis CNC Controlled Amada HDS 1302NT. Combined with a high-speed AC-servo motor and bi-directional hydraulic pumps, it has a very fast approach, brake, and return offering faster cycle-time providing significantly more parts per hour. It can bend material as thick as 1/2" and handle material lengths up to 10'. It is designed to set-up faster and is extraordinarily accurate (+/- 0.00004 Ram repeatability and =/-0.0001 backgauge repeatability).

With dozens of machines, hundreds of tools, and seven decades of experience, Accurate can handle essentially any forming/bending request. Contact us today to discuss your needs.