interior perforated ceiling tiles

For ceiling projects that need something better than basic ceiling tile, perforated metal panels are a great choice. When your ceiling calls for a combination of durability and innovative aesthetics, consider perforated metal. When your project requires that thousands of panels must match up without error in the ceiling architecture, Accurate Perforating can complete the project flawlessly. Our perforated metal panels are used for ceilings in hospitals, government buildings, airports, transportation facilities, and all types of large architectural projects.

Accurate offers perforated metal ceiling panels with unique design options, including:

  • Graphics, images, and text options
  • Margin options (end margins, side and interior margins)
  • Material options (stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum)
  • Any desired perforation and hole size pattern
  • Variable perforation options (for ventilation and lighting)
  • Choice of finishes (anodizing, powder coating, plating, painting)

Why Perforated Metal Ceilings Are the Clear Choice 

You have plenty of options for ceiling materials, but when it comes to durability, security, and aesthetical appeal, perforated ceiling panels are the obvious choice. They’re not only strong and resilient but also offer a variety of design options to fit a wide range of installations. Consider a perforated metal ceiling for any project that requires:

  • Functionality — Your ceiling serves more than one purpose, and a metal mesh ceiling gives you the flexibility to make the most of this feature.
  • Strength — Perforated metal ceiling panels are far sturdier than other materials. They are less prone to cracking and damage and less likely to require replacement.
  • Sound — Depending on your environment, sound factors into your ability to keep occupants safe and comfortable. Mesh ceiling panels are ideal for optimizing acoustics.
  • Aesthetics — You don’t need to sacrifice appearance for security or durability. Perforated drop ceiling tiles add a sleek, contemporary look to any space.

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