Perforated Sheet Pans and Trays

Custom perforated sheet pans and trays are sturdy, innovative, warp-resistant, and long-lasting, and they are the top selection of many culinary experts. Why?

Perforated bakeware promotes efficient heat transfer and distribution, and shortens cooking time to yield a baked good that's slightly crisp on the outside yet still moist inside. It means baked goods that are just right — flaky pie crusts, pizza dough with the right crunch, baked bread loaves with a perfect outer crust and a soft center, and crisp but not burnt cookies.

Accurate Perforating supplies fabricators and manufacturers with perforated metal blanks used to manufacture baking ware — cooking pans, baking sheets, warming cabinets, pizza pans, pie plates, and more. We offer aluminum or stainless steel sheets and have many hole patterns that you can choose from, depending on the airflow needed for your specific baking products. In fact, perforated metal is part of the entire process, from agriculture to finished baked products.

Why Choose A Perforated Baking Pan?

A perforated baking tray offers several advantages over non-perforated trays. Some of these items include

  1. Even Baking: The perforations allow heat to circulate evenly around the food, promoting uniform baking and reducing the risk of hot spots.
  2. Crunchy Texture: The perforations help moisture escape, resulting in a crispy and crunchy texture for baked goods like bread, pizza, and pastries.
  3. Reduced Sogginess: Perforated trays prevent sogginess by allowing air to circulate under the food, especially when baking items with high moisture content.
  4. Faster Cooking: The various patterns available can improve air circulation, leading to faster cooking times. This makes perforated trays ideal for busy kitchens or when you need to bake items quickly.

High Quality and Economical

A perforated sheet pan

We have the equipment and expertise to provide manufacturers with materials for custom perforated sheet trays and other products that are economical and easy to use. We have the tools to punch hundreds of holes per second, saving you time and money on the project. With our time-saving metal sander, we also have the finishing capabilities to deburr, degrease, and polish each sheet so it arrives ready for you to form. We can supply straight perforated sheets or sheets with interior or exterior margins.

Service that Gets the Job Done Right

Accurate Perforating has over 80 years of experience perforating metal, from mass-produced sheets to custom architectural projects. Any size order receives the superior care and attention that has built our reputation as a company that gets the job done "just right" when it comes to perforated sheet metal for baking.

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