Perforated Galvanized Steel Basics

The beauty of perforated metal is that its indoor and outdoor applications are seemingly endless. Perforated galvanized steel, also known as perforated galvanized metal, is an ideal material for harsh environments because it holds up against corrosion and is economical.

On its own, steel is an excellent building material because of its capacity for strength. Yet if it is not galvanized, steel is prone to rusting, which limits its functionality in outdoor applications. Steel is galvanized to address that problem by adding a solid zinc coating that effectively blocks corrosive elements such as moisture. In short, perforated galvanized sheet metal takes advantage of the strength of raw steel while increasing your options for where and how you use it.

Characteristics of Perforated Galvanized Sheet Metal

  • Strong
  • Economical
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Adds an element of depth, texture, and scattered light

Perforated Galvanized Steel Applications

  • Industrial and decorative applications
  • Modern architecture and design uses
  • Stairs, flooring, and outdoor furniture
  • Outdoor décor that withstands rough conditions
  • Incorporated into machinery, it provides strength and support as well as maximum ventilation

Options for Perforated Galvanized Sheet

As a building material, perforated galvanized steel sheets and square tubing give you endless options, so we do all we can to ensure you have panels that meet your specifications. Accurate Perforating offers a wide range of options for quality perforated galvanized steel.

Depending on your application, we can provide different perforation sizes and configurations. We also offer a variety of hole shapes, and we are happy to provide customized decorative perforations. When a metal panel is perforated to fit your specific application, it can make all the difference. That's why customers trust Accurate Perforating Company with their material needs.

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