Perforated Plastic Basics

Some applications could benefit from the features of perforated metal, but various circumstances require you to use nonmetal options — whether it's the environment or weight capacity. Perforated plastic sheet is an excellent option for applications that require a lighter-weight material. Accurate Perforating creates the highest-quality perforated plastic panels ideal for incorporation into your building design.

Perforated plastic sheet is used much like its metal counterpart. Perforated plastic mesh is made via a pressing process that creates panels in varying thickness and perforation styles. The end product is a perforated plastic sheet that, at a glance, is identical to a perforated metal panel.

Characteristics of Perforated Plastic

  • Light weight makes it easier to install and puts less strain on the rest of the design
  • Less able to bear weight than comparable metal products
  • Less expensive so it's ideal for tighter budgets
  • Chemical resistance makes it perfect for some harsh environments such as factories and storage that contains corrosive chemicals
  • Corrosion-resistant plastic will not rust or corrode

Perforated Plastic Applications

  • Machinery and filtration
  • Improving ventilation and enhancing airflow
  • Cooling a building; plastic panels allow airflow while not getting hot themselves from sunlight
  • Controlling natural light
  • Customized perforated plastic as an impressive visual element to any design

Options for Perforated Plastic

When it comes to perforated materials of any kind — copper, aluminum, plastic and more — Accurate Perforating is one of the industry’s leading perforated plastic sheet manufacturers. With decades in the industry, we have the capacity and skill to take your project to the next level. The Accurate Perforating team is eager to hear about your design project and share our expertise as perforated plastic sheet suppliers.

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