Backlit Panels make your environment more brilliant. The lighting highlights the structure of surfaces and makes the material stand out to produce a more dramatic effect. Additionally, backlighting can have a very minimal profile, allowing it to conform to the area and generate consistent radiance.

Highlight the Structure

backlit panels in the color of green

Illuminating perforated components from behind creates shadows that clarify the three-dimensional layers with gradual change. To produce a distinctive appearance, adding backlighting between perforated, punched, or laser-cut panels can make a dramatic impact.

Make Material Stand Out

Backlighting transparent and open materials coaxes the texture to stand out spectacularly. For example, in the Materials Pavilions graphic panel we produced for NeoCon 2017 with GL LED, the light shines through the perforations, creating an intense contrast and causing the design layout to pop!

Backlight Applications

  • Branding components
  • Corporate artwork
  • Display panels/walls
  • Fencing
  • Interior/exterior facades
  • Logos
  • Railing systems
  • Restaurant seating dividers/partitions
  • Room/building dividers
  • Screening systems
  • Signage
  • Sunscreens

Desired Impression

As a custom manufacturer, we don't have a backlit perforated product. Instead, we take your design and utilize perforating, punching, and laser cutting to create the desired effect for your backlit metal panels, including graphics, logos, images, pictures, designs, and patterns.

Illuminating Components

Accurate Perforating has collaborated with many lighting partners over the years, including GL LED, for use in many types of lighting components to make your signage stand out, including:

  • LED strips (white, temperature-controlled, colored, and SMART LED)
  • LED or fluorescent panels
  • Diffusers (transparent and opaque covers on flush and angled channels)
  • Wall washers (white and colored)

Things to Consider With Backlit Panels

Here is a list of the significant aspects of backlighting to consider when designing your project. As a custom backlit panel fabricator, Accurate Perforating can help you develop the best solution for your application.

  • Finish of display (powder coated, anodized, PVDF)
  • Letters or graphics embedded into or mounted over the display
  • Type of lights (LED, fluorescent, or HID)
  • Light color and temperature
  • The brightness of the lighting
  • Size of the display, including depth
  • Complementary components (plastic graphics, sign plastic, glass elements)
  • Movement, sound, or interaction of the display
  • Freestanding or mounted

We have the expertise to assist you in creating unique and impactful backlit signage. Accurate Perforating can incorporate our perforated graphic signage with a backlighting effect to create a stunning impression for any space. Accurate collaborates with the best supplier partners in the industry to provide you with a high-quality, long-lasting, dramatic backlit signage display that will astound you.

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