Green Design standards were created to guide manufacturers in developing a cost-efficient and more environmentally sound product. Accurate Perforating understands that a well-designed product consumes less energy and resources in its creation and can last generations with the lowest overall environmental impact. We collaborate with you to help design and deliver a product that meets sustainable design standards and is better for the environment.

Accurate can provide materials and components with the following:

  • A lower carbon footprint through material reduction and regionally sourced materials
  • High recycled content
  • 100 percent recyclable materials
  • A low-VOC, high-durability finish
  • Maximum lifespan with lower total energy and resource costs

Thinking about green design early on has multiple ecological and economic benefits across the supply chain. The business benefits are extensive, too — cost savings, design innovation, product differentiation, long-term customer relationships, and liability reduction are just a few.

Metal Is a Very Green Material

Steel mills prefer to use recycled content instead of raw material that requires labor- and energy-intensive processing. Most metal today is made from at least 60 percent recycled content. The metal we use contains up to 85 percent recycled content, with 60 percent coming from post-consumer sources. We can work with you to source material with even higher pre-and post-consumer recycled content. Aluminum is also highly recyclable. 

Metal is also 100 percent recyclable. When a metal product’s lifespan is over, it can be melted down and formed into a new product. This cycle can continue indefinitely. That makes metal the greenest material available.

Perforated metal offers many energy-saving benefits, a few of which are:


By harnessing natural light and directing it where it is needed, perforated metal eliminates the need to leave lights on for extended periods.


Unchecked heat can seriously increase energy use and utility bills. Perforated metal panels offer a natural cooling method while they freshen the air.

Machine Ventilation.

Machinery today is designed to incorporate perforated metal to give heat a means of escape, thus helping to ease the burden of cooling.

Work with a Green Supplier

An often-overlooked part of innovative green design is choosing suppliers that incorporate sustainability into their own practices. When you choose Accurate Perforating, you’re working with a company dedicated to good corporate and environmental citizenship. We work hard to maximize the efficiency of our manufacturing processes, and we recycle a high percentage of manufacturing scrap, including metal, glass, and plastic.