Perforated Copper Basics

Copper is one of the oldest building materials, and it is among the most trusted. Perforated copper sheet metal is visually stunning and has countless practical uses in structures, furnishings and more. At Accurate Perforating, we are leaders in perfectly crafted perforated copper products, from simple perforated sheets and plates to complex corrugated or formed perforated copper panels.

Characteristics of Perforated Copper Plates

  • Durable
  • Malleable
  • When left unfinished and exposed to the weather, copper forms a highly corrosion-resistant outer surface of copper carbonate with a characteristic green color
  • Can be coated with a wide variety of finishes to suit the application
  • Can be created from recycled materials
  • 100 percent recyclable
  • Environmentally friendly — with a virtually unlimited lifespan, copper is a highly sustainable choice

Perforated Copper Applications

  • Plates are well suited for both indoor and outdoor structures
  • Adds an aesthetic element to many structures
  • Ideal for building facades
  • Decorative interior components
  • Provides EMI and RFI shielding for sensitive electronics

Options for Perforated Copper

Accurate Perforating has earned a solid reputation for creating the highest-quality perforated metal materials, and our options for copper are no exception. We perforate copper in thicknesses ranging from 24 gauge up to 1/2", in custom coils, sheets, blanks and even complete components fabricated and finished to your specifications. Thousands of different hole patterns are available, including standard and custom options.

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