Why Accurate Perforating?

We have the tools, the resources, and, most importantly, the passion. At Accurate Perforating, we are committed to meeting your specific needs while exceeding your customer service expectations. To most, our capabilities seem endless - and they continue to grow year after year.

Our experienced team works with 2-D (flat sheet, graduated, picture perf, custom pattern) and 3-D (curved, corrugated, 3-D texture) products in various materials and options. Do you have an idea that you're not sure can be executed? Let's talk—we're good at devising solutions and the most effective ways to manufacture them.

We Are Your One-Stop Shop

Accurate Perforating has more capabilities than our competitors and is more dedicated to providing the best customer service in the industry. Whether you need standard perforated metal sheets, a fully designed, engineered custom component, consulting, and project management, or supplemental services such as warehousing and fulfillment services, we can handle it—from beginning to end. And if we can't do it, our sister company, Accurate Metal Fabricating, is available for everything else.

When you work with us, we go beyond simply providing any product that meets your minimum needs. We thoroughly analyze factors such as the product's desired lifespan, the environment in which it will be used, and its components so we can create the best possible product — one that your client will truly value.