Perforated Metal Automotive Applications

Accurate Perforating supplies a range of perforated metal components for automotive applications such as cars' and trucks' interior and exterior systems.

Perforated metal is versatile, strong, lightweight, and appealing. That's why it can handle numerous functions in the automotive industry — like a pit crew in place to ensure optimal vehicle performance. These automobile components work like unsung heroes in the automotive sector, fulfilling their duties: guarding, cooling, silencing, and adding style.

Automotive Guarding

Perforated metal car components must be rigid to keep air, rocks, and debris out of the engine, radiator, and exhaust systems. Perforated metal is a top-notch performer because it gives strength to the vehicle without adding extra weight. Debris in the engine or exhaust system could result in costly damage. Perforated metal automotive guarding protects against such damages.

Accurate Perforated supplies standard order or custom order metal components for:

  • Radiator guards/grilles
  • Muffler exhaust guards and shield
  • Car perforated grille screens
  • Specialty parts and components

Automotive Cooling

Adequate ventilation protects all parts of the engine, muffler, and exhaust from damaging heat buildup. Perforated metal heat shields and grilles provide ample airflow to vital automotive components. Accurate Perforating can supply standard or custom hole sizes, configurations, and open areas.

Automotive Silencing

Perforated metal is the ideal material to act as a silencing mechanism in cars and trucks. We supply perforated metal tubes for the interior and exterior of the exhaust system, mitigating exhaust noise inside and outside the vehicle.

Accurate Perforated supplies standard order or custom order metal components for:

  • Muffler noise control components
  • Vehicle header sound reduction panels

Add Style with Perforated Grille Screens

Perforated front grille screens are a statement of distinction for a driver or auto manufacturer. What statement do you want? Refined, rugged, classy? Anything is possible with Accurate Perforating because we offer:

  • Perforated metal components from a variety of materials:
    • Stainless steel
    • Galvanized steel
    • Aluminum
    • Carbon steel
  • Hundreds of tools that produce thousands of different hole patterns and configurations
  • Custom orders based on your design specs
  • Attractive rust-resistant finishes

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