Fabricators know that making your own perforated sheets on a turret press is costly and inefficient. Where a standard turret press might give you 100 holes a minute, our perforated presses with intricate tooling and punch thousands of holes a minute. This saves fabricators a lot of money, allowing you to use your turret press for other jobs, and freeing up your capacity. Turn to Accurate Perforating for all your standard perforated sheets and coils.

First Step Processing for Fabricators

Do you need more capacity to increase the capacity at your fab shop? It's easy to take the guesswork out of your supply chain when you partner with Accurate on your first-step processing needs. We have an extensive lineup of fabrication capabilities to assist the perforated metal requirements of fabricators. Our fabrication abilities will give you a semi or fully-finished part, ready to use. This includes:

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Advantages of Working with Accurate Perforating

  • Custom perforated metal sheets for fabricators – including sizes larger than 4' x 8'
  • Custom perforated coils
  • A vast selection of standard perforation patterns, and the ability to create tooling for virtually any custom pattern
  • Samples, prototyping, and fabrication of custom parts and components
  • Blanket orders to reduce your price and lead time — we can manufacture three to six months' worth of product at once, stock it in our warehouse, and then ship upon request
  • Flexible delivery options, including custom packaging, stocking, fulfillment, and just-in-time delivery services

Custom Perforating Services for Fabricators

When you need something different, don't look anywhere else. Accurate Perforating is more than happy to offer our custom perforating services to fabricators. Let us meet your requirements for custom patterns on perforated metal sheets and coils in non-standard sizes.

We also assist fabricators by manufacturing specific components for them. If your customer needs a complex, entirely shaped, formed, and finished component for fast installation into a larger assembly, and you don't have the time or the resources to do the job, let Accurate do it for you.

Do you regularly produce a specific part for a customer? Have you ever wondered if that part could be improved so that it's easier and cheaper to make? If so, send us your drawings or the actual piece, and we'll put our engineers on the job. As the area's leading source of perforated metal for fabricators, we're happy to help you please your customers.

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