Electronic enclosures, especially ones found in data centers, house expensive equipment and are sensitive to outside interference. Because they are housed in large server rooms, they can often be bland and unattractive. Perforated metal is the ideal material for electronic equipment enclosures because it provides:


Perforated metal allows air flow through so the electronic equipment won't overheat.

EMI / RFI Shielding

Perforated metal protects equipment from interference due to electromagnetic and radio frequencies; the hole patterns are designed for optimal protection based on I.P.A. test results.

Strength and Security

Perforated metal is a strong medium capable of holding heavy equipment.

Aesthetically Pleasing Exterior

Perforated metal enclosures come with many options for hole patterns and finishes.

Electronic Enclosure Applications

As one of the most versatile electronic enclosure manufacturers, Accurate Perforating has supplied perforated metal enclosures:

  • For industrial processing equipment
  • To gaming companies to house cables and games
  • As metal containers for lighting fixtures
  • As junction boxes for electronic connectors
  • For electrical generators
  • … and more!

No matter the job's size or the enclosure's shape, Accurate brings more than 80 years of experience manufacturing perforated metal to every job.

Electronic Enclosures with Perforated Metal Doors

Custom Solutions for Any Job

Whether you want 100 sheets of perforated metal or a custom-designed enclosure with branding and powder-coated finishes, Accurate Perforating can provide you with anything your design requires. Here's why:

Our Diverse Range of Equipment

As a custom electrical enclosures manufacturer, we can handle all aspects of the job. With our laser cutter, press brakes to bend metal, turret presses to punch, panel benders to form, welding capabilities, hundreds of tools that can be configured to vary punch patterns, and many finishing options, we offer virtually unlimited perforated component options to electronics manufacturers.

Our Technical Know-How and Experience in the Industry

This means that we generate new solutions to problems. In fact, we often fix problems that other electrical enclosure manufacturers started.

Our Production Options

A vast array of options means that we can build components or an entire finished enclosure, or take components from another manufacturer and assemble the product.

Our History of Project Management and Follow-Through

At Accurate Perforating, every job is done correctly and on time. From design to delivery, we ensure that each phase of the project receives the attention needed to ensure a quality outcome.

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