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Thank you for your interest in Accurate Perforating Company! Let us show you why we lead the perforated metal industry in quality and customer service. We can deliver perforated metal in coils, sheets, blanks or fabricated and finished components. Please fill out the quote request form or send us an email.

Please note that we have a $650 minimum per order.

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For multiple quantities of the same product (e.g., for multiple destinations), separate numbers using commas; e.g., 100, 200, etc.

Carbon, stainless, galvanized, aluminum, etc.

E.g., 24 gauge, ¼”, others as decimal.


(See Patterns)

Denotes un-perforated edges, typically two or four per piece of material. Specify width of each margin in inches or centimeters.

Mill finish, powder-coated, anodized, etc.

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