When protecting servers and other crucial equipment in data centers, enclosures need to be more than durable. They must also be relatively lightweight but strong enough to support multiple units. Providing enough airflow to prevent overheating is another essential feature. So many turn to perforated metal for their data center enclosures.

Accurate Perforating is an industry leader in perforated materials for various uses, including data center applications. With our extensive perforating expertise and advanced leveling capabilities, we can deliver panels & components that meet customers' requirements in telecommunications, computer storage, finance, and any other industry that needs to maintain dedicated facilities for server arrays.

Why Perforated Metal Is Your Best Choice For Data Centers

Although there are many options available, perforated metal is the safest bet. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Ventilation: With hundreds of tiny holes in a single sheet, this is the best way to vent hot air away from the equipment. This helps prevent overheating and strain, which can lead to outages.
  • Cost savings: Because servers can stay cool without over-reliance on the HVAC system, perforated materials can help keep utility bills low.
  • Flexibility: Unlike other materials, perforated metal panels can be designed to accommodate specific ventilation needs by only ventilating the areas that need ventilation while allowing areas of unperforated material to maintain structure and support. Panel sizes can be adjusted to create cabinets and storage units in various configurations, allowing a custom approach to your storage needs.

Why Choose Accurate Perforating?

As recognized leaders in this space, we have the ability and know-how to produce both panels and components to meet the needs of the data storage community. We have earned a strong reputation for using only the most effective practices, the best materials, and the strictest quality control to ensure we provide the absolute best-finished product for our customers.

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