Perforated Brass Basics

Brass is a highly sought-after building material that has been used for generations. It is an alloy of copper and zinc, and the formula can be tweaked to enhance specific properties. Adjustments can be made to strengthen the material, increase hardness, improve corrosion resistance and/or change the color, making it a very versatile metal alloy.

Brass can be easily perforated. A perforated brass sheet allows limited light into the building while still providing excellent ventilation. It also gives any structure an added element of depth.

Characteristics of Perforated Brass Mesh

  • Visually impressive
  • Gold-like appearance is aesthetically appealing
  • Strong corrosion-resistant properties
  • Ideal for both functional and aesthetic purposes
  • Slightly more malleable than many materials
  • Strong, but not ideal as a weight-bearing material

Perforated Brass Applications

  • Decorative applications such as facades
  • Privacy screening or shading
  • Sound control applications
  • Allows ideal amount of airflow

Options for Perforated Brass

Accurate Perforating offers a wide range of options for all of its building materials, including brass and perforated metal in other varieties. Customers can request different perforation sizes and configurations. Various hole shapes are available so your product or building can feature a unique look. Upon request, we also can provide decorative patterns for your perforated brass sheet. When it comes to your project, you want options that are perfectly suited to your application — and Accurate Perforating can help you achieve the right style.

Why Choose Accurate Perforating Company

We know how critical it is that perforated brass and metal components are made to the highest standards of quality. Anything less than that means your reputation as a contractor, architect or builder can suffer. This is why we work hard to ensure that whatever we fabricate for you will meet and exceed your expectations without exceeding your budget or timetable. We use only the best materials available, and our expert customization capabilities mean we can guarantee you the best overall results. We’re just as invested in the success of your project as you are.

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