Why Should I Worry About Noise Control?

Noise is an unseen yet widespread workplace hazard. It can damage hearing, increase blood pressure, harm the heart, and create unneeded stress. High noise levels can be uncomfortable and incredibly unpleasant outside the workplace. They can also have a detrimental effect on public spaces and deter crucial foot traffic in commercial zones. For these reasons, noise control is becoming standard in building design—for both the residential and commercial sectors.

One of the primary functions of perforated metal panels is noise control. Perforated acoustic panels are used in countless applications that make environments more hospitable, productive, and safer. Accurate Perforating Company can supply you with the highest-quality perforated metal acoustic panels specifically suited for your application.

Noise control panels at a Carleton College Concert

How Does Perforated Metal Improve Noise Control?

When sound barriers are made solely from reflective materials, the noise bounces off but isn't eliminated. Barriers incorporating absorptive materials mitigate sound waves and protect hearing and health. These barriers have a layer of absorbing material and air beneath the perforated metal panel. Although this material dramatically reduces the severity of sounds, it is not the only feature of such panels that delivers results. In addition, the porous nature of perforated metal noise control panels and tiles absorbs and dissipates sound waves.

The texture of these helps to disperse noise much more effectively than letting it bounce around a space while it loses energy. Because they can be used indoors and outdoors, they present a modern solution to noise reduction for properties of all types. It's no wonder that perforated metal acoustic ceiling panels and other products are found in a wide range of buildings worldwide.

Typical Applications for Perforated Acoustic Soundproofing

From air silencers to generator noise reduction, Accurate Perforating provides customized acoustical panels for many industries:


Aircraft, roadway and subway noises are among the most pervasive. Acoustical panels reduce noise outside the system, as well as inside, to make travel more pleasant for passengers.


Large acoustical panels erected around generators muffle noise, and silencer walls outside the plant protect nearby communities.


Perforated metal components in the blowers reduce noise, as do duct silencers.


Security ceilings made of secure, perforated acoustic ceiling tiles are used to suppress noise in prison cells.

Restaurants, Indoor Pools and Conference Centers

In these applications, acoustical panels control ambient and reflective noise.

Concert Halls

Concert hall panels significantly improve sound quality in such venues.

Recording Studios

In environments where sound control is crucial for recordings, perforated metal panels give you much greater control.

Aircraft Noise Control

Aircraft run-up silencers reduce noise at airports and the surrounding area.

Generator Sound Enclosure

In addition to providing ventilation, perforated metal is ideal for generator sound enclosure.

The Difference Between Sound Sentinel and Sound Director

When considering perforated metal for noise control, you often have one of two objectives:

Sound Sentinel

Sound Sentinel is a way to block sound via sound absorption, so that you virtually eliminate some sound and reduce it overall. To help improve environments affected by or designed for sound, Accurate Perforating provides perforated sound absorption panels to sound engineers. Multi-layered "sound control sandwiches" guard against noise pollution.

Sound Director

Sometimes you don't want to eliminate sound, just direct it. Acoustical performance is enhanced by absorbing sound in some areas and reflecting it in others. Sound Director refers to redirecting sound by both absorbing it in some places and reflecting it in others. This is commonly used in concert halls, auditoriums and recording studios.

Why Accurate Perforating?

  • More than 80 years of experience manufacturing perforated metal
  • Hundreds of tools can be configured to offer thousands of different patterns in material, as light as 24 gauge and as heavy as one-half inch in widths up to 72."
  • Can supply perforated metal sheets from a variety of materials, including galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel
  • Can fabricate perforated metal into a component that's ready to be installed
  • Can provide panels based on your specifications for target frequency range, the thickness of the panel, and projected cost
  • Can custom finish components to match any color scheme - including powder coating

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