The Accurate Perforating History

For more than 70 years, it's been about the latest, best equipment, and the finest, most experienced, most exacting craftsmen. It's been about building our business through superior service and through the loyalty of our customers. About being the very, very best at what we do.

What began as a small machine shop that mass-produced perforated metal sheets for distributors has evolved into a 210,000 square foot full-service, custom fabrication facility. We combined the craft of perforating metal with modern machinery and techniques to offer our customers a complete fabricating and finishing solution.

In 2006, Accurate Perforating acquired Advanced Display, a small metal shop, and renamed it Accurate Metal Febricating. Accurate Metal Fabricating has expertise and technology to support nearly all production requirements from simple fabricated metal parts to fully assembled products. The company's capabilities include design and engineering support, CNC punching and forming, laser cutting, welding, perforating, assembly, finishing, packaging and fulfillment.

Today and Beyond

Today, Accurate Perforating breathes new life into perforated metal. We take simple sketches and turn them into reality with our broad range of capabilities including AutoCAD design, forming, notching, finishing and more. As a company, we've nearly doubled in sales over the last 10 years as the use of perforated metals continues to expand in markets like architecture, audio, HVAC and more, and we've expanded our staff to more than 200 employees.

What hasn't changed over the years is our attention to detail. Sure, we still produce sheets of perforated metal, but we also help our customers create custom perforated metal solutions for all kinds of projects in all kinds of industries. And we're still determined to deliver every job exactly the way it was ordered, on time, within budget and with the quality our customers have come to expect.