Medical Applications For Critical Use Cases

The medical and scientific industry has high standards—it's an ethical requirement. Perforated and fabricated metal components are used in medical and scientific equipment, and they must also come from a source with high standards. Accurate Perforating supplies precisely fabricated and perforated metal components to medical equipment suppliers for laboratories, hospitals, and medical offices.

perforated trays at a medical facility

Autoclavable sterilizer trays, cadaver trays, test chambers, ventilation hoods, and test tube holders with perforated metal components are among the day-to-day equipment used by the medical and scientific industry. Components must be precisely made to high standards and tight tolerances. Durable metal components with optimal perforation patterns and precisely fabricated external and internal margins make equipment strong enough to withstand water pressure, heat, and chemicals during sterilization. At the same time, test tube holders and trays must grasp the test tubes and tissue securely as needed.

Benefits of Working with Accurate Perforating

  • Quality process management
  • Consistency and reduced variability in products
  • Reliable processes and procedures
  • Better pricing
  • Better communication
  • Faster turnaround on orders

Precision, High Quality, Consistency

We can do more for you with our capabilities than many metal perforators. Yes, we can perforate (in almost any hole pattern and size needed). We can fabricate. We can weld stainless steel components by hand (utilizing a welding tech) or with a robotic welder for the most precise results. We can finish the component and remove any nicks and scratches before applying the final finish. This yields a smooth surface so that rough edges won't damage delicate medical equipment or tissue.

Accurate Perforating has the project management experience you need for efficient production and delivery. We are now ISO certified, a guarantee of the highest quality.

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