Perforated Metal Cladding Basics

Perforated metal cladding is an excellent way to protect building exteriors or interiors while enhancing the structure's appearance. The trick is to work with experts who know the ins and outs of perforated wall cladding systems, who can leverage both functionality and aesthetics, and who can effectively communicate with the customer. Accurate Perforating can do that and more. We work within the limits of any given material while taking full advantage of any perforated material's most desirable qualities — whether it's perforated aluminum cladding, corrugated cladding or any other style.

Characteristics of Perforated Metal Cladding

What exactly is cladding? Simply put, cladding refers to the process of adhering a layer of protective or decorative metal to a different material. It does not involve welding. In some cases, cladding is formed by high-pressure pressing or rolling. The end result is a wall that looks structurally the same as before, but with seen and unseen benefits.

Perforated steel cladding is unique in that it is incredibly versatile. The variety of metals gives you options such as malleability, corrosion resistance or an impressive appearance.

Applications for Perforated Cladding Panels

  • Protection from the elements for base materials that are more susceptible to corrosion
  • Architectural and design uses that would not be possible with thinner, less weight-bearing materials
  • Sound attenuation
  • Improved appearance; in fact, perforated metal cladding can turn a drab, featureless wall into artwork
  • Perforated metal provides effective sun screening, reducing the harshness of direct sunlight while allowing the benefits of natural light

Options for Perforated Metal Cladding Panels

The beauty of working with perforated metal sheet cladding is that you have so many options in terms of style, size and materials. Some materials are better than others for any given project.

Here are a few of our most popular options:

  • Copper is one of the most visually pleasing options and is ideal for roofs and finishing projects.
  • Aluminum resists rusting and corrosion, making it ideal for applications in humid environments.
  • Stainless steel is one of the stronger options and is useful for cladding in industrial applications.
  • Other options are COR-TEN® or weathered steel, galvanized metal, brass, bronze and carbon steel.

Why Choose Accurate Perforating?

The quality of your perforated metal components is of the utmost importance. This is why so many of our customers come to us time and time again. We understand that you put your reputation on the line every time you choose a vendor, and we’re committed to providing perforating and fabricating that delivers the best results while fitting into your budget and schedule.

We use only the highest-quality materials, and our expert customization capabilities ensure we make the most of them. Above all else, we are dedicated to providing complete customer satisfaction in everything we do. When you work with us, you gain a partner who is just as invested in the success of your project as you are.

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