About Us

Our mission is to be a great partner. To move and grow with you into ever more innovative, ever broader applications for perforated metal and materials. To make everything you make more efficient. More refined. More beautiful. More useful to your customer.More profitable to you. Closer to perfection.

We have single-minded commitment to our craft. Our core business, what we live and breathe, is perforating. This is what we do, and it’s all we do. The equipment we acquire, the partnerships and alliances we make, the focus of our people are all dedicated to offering superior products and services.

Top Reasons to Work with Accurate

We listen. We do it all. We meet your needs. And more.

How We Work With You

Our processes, capabilities and philosophies are designed for optimal project results.

Company History

We have more than six decades’ experience in perforated metal and fabrication.

Accurate's Quality Management System

An ISO 9001:2008 focused quality management system to ensure you get the best products every day.