Perforated Plastic

Perforated Plastic

Some applications could benefit from the features of perforated metal, but various circumstances require you to use non-metal options — whether it’s environment or weight capacity. Perforated plastic sheet is an excellent option for applications that require a lighter-weight material. At Accurate Perforating Company, we create the highest-quality perforated plastic panels ideal for incorporation into your building design. Below, learn more about the benefits of plastic perforated sheet panels, and find out why Accurate Perforating is your No. 1 resource for perforated materials of all kind.

How Does Perforated Plastic Compare With Perforated Metal?

Perforated plastic can be used much like its metal counterpart. It is made via a pressing process that can create panels in varying thickness and perforation style. The end product is a perforated panel that, at a glance, is identical to a perforated metal panel.

Why would you opt for a plastic alternative? Generally speaking, plastic panels are better suited for applications that require lighter panels. For that same reason, plastic panels typically are less able to bear the same weight as metal.

Here are a few key benefits of perforated plastic panels that make it an excellent option for your design:

- Plastic is lighter. It can be easier to install and puts less strain on the rest of your design.
- Plastic is less expensive. Plastic panels can help you keep within a tighter budget.
- Plastic is chemical resistant. Some harsh environments, such as factories and storage, might expose your structure to corrosive chemicals. Perforated plastic holds up very well in these conditions.
- Plastic is corrosion resistant. Unlike many metals, such as aluminum and stainless steel, plastic will not rust or corrode.

Applications for Perforated Plastic

From traditional perforated panels to perforated plastic pipe, plastic has long been a staple in design. Here are a few common applications:

- Machinery. Perforated plastic and perforated plastic tubing with a high melting point are perfect for machinery and filtration.
- Ventilation. Like with perforated metal, perforated plastic is excellent for enhancing airflow and promoting better ventilation. Additionally, for cooling a building, plastic panels allow airflow while not getting hot themselves from natural sunlight.
- Lighting. Perforated plastic gives you more control over the use of natural light in your facility.
- Aesthetics. One of the key advantages of perforated plastic is that you can customize it. The right design can take full advantage of the functional benefits of perforated plastic while adding an impressive visual element to any design.

Why Accurate Perforating?

When it comes to perforated materials of any kind — copper, aluminum, plastic and more — Accurate Perforating is the industry leader. We have the capacity and skill to take your project to the next level. With years in this industry, the Accurate Perforating team is eager to hear about your design project and offer you our expertise.

Contact us today to learn more about the options we offer, and to find out how Accurate Perforating can help you meet your design goals.