Precision Leveling

Precision metal leveling capabilities

Did you know that the perforating process naturally curls any material, resulting in a warped sheet if not corrected? We fully understand that if a flat material is required in your design, just the slightest curve or bow can ruin the project.

At Accurate Perforating, we perform every step necessary to make sheets virtually flat. We have many leveling systems, each one designed to flatten metal within its own optimum thickness range. In fact, Accurate has the equipment and skills to make sheets far flatter than what the perforating industry recommends.  We have numerous leveling systems in-house, each one designed to flatten metal within a particular material thickness range.   Our engineers and estimators can guide you to the ideal solution to provide you the flattest sheet possible.

Because accurate leveling is so crucial, many projects take advantage of the most advanced leveling system available today –the Herr-Voss CNC Leveling System.Herr-Voss Stamco is the recognized leader in designing and building precision leveling equipment. The company has engineered and manufactured thousands of precision roller levelers that produce the highest quality flat-rolled products in every available material.

Herr-Voss levelers are highly regarded by mills, service centers and OEMs for their performance, reliability and outstanding value. Their reputation as the leader in leveling technology has been built upon over a half century of experience and service.

A few of Herr-Voss Precision Leveler features and innovations:

CNC Processor

The latest Herr-Voss innovation, featuring automatic calibration and patented stretch compensation.

Punch-N-Go Set-Up

Menu-driven with the ability to save and recall machine settings.


Measures the strip shape exiting the leveler and indicates the adjustment for the backup flights accordingly.