Lighting Applications for Perforated Metal

Light bulbs, fixtures, wiring, glaring light—no one wants to see them naked. Perforated metal is the ideal material for light covers, diffusers, and reflectors. Why?

  • It directs the amount of light flowing from the fixture.
  • It directs the path of the light — up, down, diagonal, lateral, or any trajectory.
  • It allows for ventilation in the unit.
  • Hole sizing, space shape, edge pattern, and orientation are customized.
  • Distinctive finishes are available — paint, powder coat, and anodizing to match your color scheme.
  • It hides the naked lighting elements with a product that's easy on the eye.

Accurate Perforating supplies the industry with fully assembled components or perforated metal sheets for lighting that are ready for forming and assembly. Our customized perforated lighting components are aesthetically pleasing and designed for optimal function.

perforated metal lighting fixtures

Benefits of Our Lighting Components

  • Accurate can develop customized perforated lighting fixtures for you or a line of components for production at cost-effective rates.
  • Accurate has been supplying light covers, diffusers, and housings to major suppliers in the lighting industry for over 15 years.
  • Our engineers have extensive knowledge in the lighting industry — experience you can trust.
  • Our tools and equipment can produce precision customized perforated metal lighting components for your needs. We've even developed a new tool for the job.
  • Accurate delivers aesthetics combined with optimal function.
  • With Accurate, customer satisfaction is always in the spotlight.

Always Perfectly Functional

Perforated metal lighting fixtures must let the light shine — the right amount in the right place. A pretty cover that keeps you in the dark is a problem, but Accurate Perforating's lighting covers and diffusers are always perfectly functional.

One lighting company initially worked with a different manufacturer. However, their product, once painted, only allowed 40 percent lumens, so the company turned to us. Accurate Perforating designed a different hole pattern to allow more light to pass through the perforated cover. The result is perfectly functional lighting with a pretty cover.

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