Going Beyond the Basics

Perforated metal facades are becoming more and more popular for architects. Building facades and cladding are perforated metal panels that typically fulfill any of the following functions:

  • Cover up something unsightly
  • Reduce glare from the sun
  • Abate wind or noise
  • Allow light in for those in the building
  • Provide privacy
  • Improve aesthetics
  • LEED credit

No matter how attractive the perforated metal panel facade is designed to look, if it's even a little bit off, inconsistent in the finish, or a nightmare to assemble, it's not functional.

Accurate Perforating has extensive experience in architectural applications, so we can provide start-to-finish guidance on building perforated facades. Our equipment and tooling library offers numerous perforated metal patterns and customizations in a wide range of gauges and sizes. We can customize a perforated metal panel facade with margins that attach easily to buildings. We take it beyond the basics to ensure the project stays on time, on budget, fully functional, and aesthetically beautiful.

perforated metal facade at park place parking garage, dakotas

Design Guidance For Perforated Metal Facades

We make it easy for architects and engineers by offering guidance at each stage of your project—to ensure its success and save you money. Accurate can perforate, fabricate, and finish, so we understand the complexities of each step in the process and the best means to troubleshoot. Because of this expertise, we've gained a reputation for being able to "save the day" and rescue a project that another company fumbled on. 

  • Standard pattern perforated facade
  • Custom pattern facade
  • Graphic perforated facade
  • Corrugated perforated facade
  • 3D Sculptural Façade

Ease of Installation

We take the time to properly package and label all perforated facade panels properly, and include instructions to ensure safe delivery and ease of installation.

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