Perforated Metal Store Fixtures and Displays

Perforated metal store fixtures and displays are not your standard shelves; they give you something extra to complement your extra-special product. When it comes to store fixtures, shelving, trade show displays, and retail displays, there's just no better media. Here's why:

  • Perforated metal is attractive, with a clean contemporary look
  • Allows for passage of air and light
  • Is available with numerous hole design patterns
  • Can be custom-finished to match your color scheme

perforated metal store fixtures

Accurate Perforating works with OEMs, distributors, and designers to provide perforated metal components that show off your merchandise in point-of-purchase displays. But that's not all. Perforated metal store fixtures and displays also give you flexibility. You can reorganize your layout to feature key merchandise or change positioning for seasonal specials. Compared with other display components out there (cardboard, corrugated plastic, wire), only perforated metal store fixtures and displays have these great structural qualities:

  • Strong, but lightweight
  • Long-lasting, even permanent
  • Expandable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Available in space-saving configurations

Accurate Perforating Is Better Than the Standard Supplier

Attractive metal retail display racks are more than just shelves. It boosts sales. It complements the look of your store. It promotes your brand. And Accurate Perforating is more than just a supplier. We partner with you to produce the perforated metal merchandising shelves and components to achieve your goals. Our experience and track record in the industry offers you these benefits:

  • Top-shelf customer service from start to finish
  • Follow-through on timely delivery
  • Equipment and expertise to build quality perforated metal components
  • Assistance with the engineering and manufacturing of your original design ideas (we've assisted many POPAI award winners for our POP customers)
  • Detailed logo or custom graphics to advertise your product
  • Limitless perforation pattern options are available

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