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Architectural Perforated Metal | Accurate Perforating

Providing architectural perforated metal for architects and contractors to bring projects to reality

As the use of perforated metal broadens in building construction, architects and contractors across North America and internationally collaborate with Accurate Perforating for fresh ideas and leading technologies. These partnerships have led to innovative designs for industrial, commercial and residential buildings.

At Accurate Perforating, we bring your design to reality with flexibility, responsiveness, & timeliness.  Our Architectural Project Managers will evaluate your concept, collaborate with you on the best methods and materials for producing it, then create the right solution with any fabrication, finishing and delivery services the project requires.  They can keep your project on-track no matter how demanding the work or delivery schedule may be. Because we manage your entire project, we maintain tight control over the quality and beauty of the finished product, while helping you complete your project on-time and within budget.

In most cases, if you can think it – we can do it. We work comfortably with an incredibly wide range of materials – including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, zinc, plastics and more –in a wide range of thickness and sizes.  We can also bring in our metal fabricating expertise and our finishing partners to provide you a finished component that’s ready to be installed.

We are adept at harmonizing the creative ideas of architects and contractors with the specific application requirements for perforated metals. And at Accurate Perforating, we understand that flexibility and timeliness are crucial. That’s why, whenever we commit to a project, we deliver on time and to your specifications. Whatever your vision for the project, we welcome the challenge of making it real – quickly and accurately.