Green Design

Green design with Accurate Perforating.

Let us help your designs grow with Green Design concepts.

Eighty percent of a components life cycle impact is determined during its design. Sustainable product standards like LEED and SMART were created to guide designers in creating a cost-efficient and more environmentally sound building components.  Accurate Perforating understands that a well designed product can consume less energy and resources in its creation, and can last generations with the lowest overall environmental impact. We can collaborate with you to help design and deliver a product that not only meets sustainable design standards, but also is better for the environment.  Accurate can provide materials and components with:

  • A lower carbon footprint through material reduction and regionally sourced materials
  • Metal with a high pre and post-consumer recycled content
  • 100% recyclable metal
  • A low-VOC, high-durability finish
  • Maximum lifespan providing a lower total energy and resource costs

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) identifies a building’s performance in the categories of Sustainability, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation in Design. Your LEED profile can help make you and your firm sought after. And we can help you build it. Our products can help you achieve LEED credits and certification.  Click to learn more about perforated metal and LEED credits.

SMART Product Standards promotes the manufacturing of sustainable products providing environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health, welfare, and environment over their full commercial cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to final disposition.  Through SMART, it is now possible to identify transparent life cycle based metrics by which sustainable products can be identified.  Click to learn more about perforated metal and SMART Design.

Our engineers are attuned to blending the demands of aesthetics and function in order to create the most efficient and effective component. We partner with the material suppliers that can help achieve a product with the highest recycled content available.  We collaborate with finishing vendors that provide a low-VOC finish with minimal environmental impact yet offering the longest possible life-span.  We know that when it comes to Green Design, you must consider all aspects of the product life-cycle; from design to disposal, to create a truly sustainable product

Green Design is good for the environment and good for your business. Call Accurate Perforating today at (888) 752-2335 to talk about your green initiatives.

Whether you want to employ perforated metal in a decorative and energy-saving building façade or to incorporate interior metal into wall and ceiling panels to improve air quality, you have a powerful resource in Accurate Perforating.