Form & Function

Perforated metals from Accurate Perforating provide form and function.

Architectural Applications

Perforated materials are incredibly versatile. From lightweight decorative elements to load-bearing structural components, perforated metal offers unique opportunities to combine strength, functionality and beauty. At Accurate Perforating, we can help you express your design aesthetic as we meet your exacting engineering requirements.

Perforated metal is also an excellent means of achieving sustainable design objectives. Perforated sunshades and sunscreens provide privacy for building occupants without blocking the view. And they offer a comfortable level of natural lighting during daylight hours while deflecting heat to reduce the load on the HVAC system. Perforated canopies, façades and cladding can also be used to help control interior climate and save energy.

We also offer highly corrosion-resistant finishes with low or no VOCs. When you specify a corrosion-resistant material or finish, your perforated metal installation can last as long as the building itself – and that’s the greenest building practice of all.

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