Interior Ornamentation

Perforated metal for interior applications from Accurate Perforating.

Accurate Perforating’s creations find a comfortable home in a wide range of interior applications for residential and commercial use, including railings, privacy screens, sunscreens, seating and lighting enclosures. Perforated elements provide a unique balance between strength and lightness.

We encourage architects and contractors not to assume “it can’t be done” but to come to us with any challenge they can imagine. Perforated metal is strikingly useful, almost infinitely customizable and as virtually enduring as the core elements it’s born from.

Click on the images on this page to see what we mean. Also see how perforated metal excels in:

 Screens and Facades Perforated sunscreens and facades have huge functional and esthetic benefits on buildings worldwide.

Noise Abatement Perforated metal is an excellent choice for noise abatement in many specific environments.