Noise Abatement

Perforated metal for noise control from Accurate Perforating.

Perforated metal is an excellent choice for noise control. Perforated metal can be formed into panels or other components engineered to achieve the precise results desired for any noisy area. An acoustical lining like Soundtex can be adhered to perforated metal to provide additional levels of sound control. Beautiful, durable and highly effective, perforated metal is the perfect choice swimming pools, gyms, concert halls and other busy public spaces.

Our estimators and engineers are very skilled at working with acoustics experts to fine-tune noise abatement solutions for high-performance results. To get a sense of the wide potential for perforated metal in noise abatement applications, make sure your volume is turned up and click on any picture. Also see how perforated metal excels in:

Screens and Facades Perforated sunscreens, sunshades, façades and cladding offer privacy, light control, energy savings and beauty for buildings worldwide.

Interior Ornamentation Perforated metal can offer the perfect balance of strength, lightness, definition and appeal in interior ornamentation.