Metal Screens & Facades

Perforated metal from Accurate Perforating for screens and facades.

Accurate Perforating Metal Screens And Metal Facades

Accurate Perforating offers custom screens and facades for interior and exterior aesthetics, sun-blocking, wind-blocking, noise reduction, energy savings and privacy.

Buildings that Benefit from Screens and Facades

  • Medical Centers
  • Transportation Facilities
  • Education Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Concert Halls
  • Gyms and Auditoriums
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities
  • Parking Garages
  • Residential Apartment Buildings

Perforated Metal Screens

Perforated screens are typically constructed from aluminum, but they can also be made from galvanized steel, cold rolled steel, stainless steel, copper, and weathered steel. If you need custom perforated screens in a specific material, please let us know.

Available Patterns

Round Staggered

Round Straight




Metal Screen Panels

We work with architects, manufacturers, distributors and construction professionals to provide high-quality metal screen panels that perform to your desired specifications. The process starts with a thorough assessment of your business needs and the specific application for the panels. Prototypes and samples will be created for your approval or modification suggestions. Once you approve your custom panels, we can create upward of three to six months of supplies or build your bulk order and ship it to you.

Perforated Metal Screens

Perforated metal screens are ideal for windows, doors, balconies, ceilings and dividing indoor areas without completely closing the area off with a full or half-wall, which allows for more air circulation.

Perforated Screen Panels

Perforated screen panels are ideal for adding structural stability to ceiling and other areas that may need added support. They can be used as decorative ceiling panels and to add flare to indoor areas while hiding unsightly mechanical equipment, such as water heaters, pipes and HVAC vents, and ductwork.

Architectural Sunshades

Architectural Sunshades can be manufactured in a variety of patterns, colors and finishes. They are primarily used to control the amount of sun that penetrates the building while still allowing visitors, guests and employees a nearly unobstructed view of the outside.

Perforated Facades

Perforated facades add depth, dimension and uniformity to the exterior of buildings while reducing indoor glare and providing a modicum of privacy to those inside the building. They also help reduce the amount of noise that enters the building and can cover unsightly HVAC systems, dumpsters and pipes.

Benefits of Perforated Façade Panels from Accurate Perforating

  • Thousands of Custom Colors and Finishes
  • Hundreds of Custom Holes Sizes and Shapes
  • Wide Variety of Available Thicknesses
  • High quality standards via ISO 9001:2008 guided processes
  • Experienced architectural project management team
  • We guarantee delivery will meet or exceed expectations

Metal Facade Panels

Metal facade panels can be used to dramatically enhance the outdoor appearance of many different types of buildings. They can create symmetry between dissimilar sections of the building and as fill-in panels for fences, balconies, and ground-level walkways.

Metal Building Facades

Metal building facades can reduce energy usage and provide aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your building. We offer facades in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. We can even create custom panels with specific bends, bolt holes and corner notching so that you get exactly the look you desire.

To learn more about Accurate Perforating's perforated screens and facades or to request a quote, call 1-800-723-8108. We ship throughout the United States and internationally.