Meet Bryan Pierik!

Bryan Pierik has been a project manager here at Accurate for 9 years, and is a vital member of our Sales and Estimating team! When he’s not rockin’ it out on the Auto-CAD, he’s probably doing something related to sports. An avid sports fan, Bryan follows the Bears, the Redskins, the Cubs and the Gunners. He doesn’t merely watch sports though. Bryan also likes to tough it out in Adventure Races like the Tough Mudder Competition. If there isn’t a game on, Bryan may be watching Dexter or Boardwalk Empire, listening to the Doors or Led Zepplin, or reading historical literature.

Bryan’s crowning achievement is due to enter the world in March, as he and his wife will have their first child. This proud soon-to-be-papa is excited to have a son to one day toss a ball with. Hopefully Bryan and his wife’s first two children, their dog’s Juno and Peanut, won’t be too jealous. If you want to know more about Bryan, just as his best buddy here at Accurate, Roni, who may end up being more jealous of Bryan’s son than the dogs!

Corten Steel is the new 'Black'!

Recently, we here at Accurate have gotten a number of requests for Corten Steel. For those of you who may not know, Corten Steel rusts. Generally speaking this is a bad thing, right? Well not in this case! When Corten Steel is exposed to the elements it creates a protective layer that actually helps the metal last longer and stay stronger!  Maybe perforated Corten Steel is just what you need for your next project!