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CTA Morgan Station At Night

The CTA Morgan Station on the Green Line is in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. It is situated near the intersection of Lake Street and Morgan Street in the bustling Fulton Market District stop. The station is part of the Chicago Transit Authority's Green Line, which runs from Harlem/Lake in Oak Park to Ashland/63rd in Chicago, providing convenient access to various city neighborhoods, attractions, and business districts.

The station features an updated real-time train information board and an elevator for accessibility. Given its location in the vibrant West Loop area with its restaurants, shops, and galleries, the stop can sometimes be congested, with individuals wanting to enjoy the surroundings.

The Surrounding Area

Speaking of the West Loop and the Fulton Market District, there are several key points about the neighborhood:
Historical Context: The West Loop has a rich history as an industrial and warehouse district, with many buildings over one hundred years old. It was traditionally home to meatpacking plants, factories, and wholesale markets. Initially, it played a crucial role in Chicago's reputation as the center of the meatpacking industry.

Growth and Revitalization: Over the past two decades, the West Loop has undergone significant revitalization, transforming into what is known as today -  a bustling area that blends residential, commercial, and cultural spaces. The former industrial spaces have kicked up a notch. Instead of tearing down the buildings, proprietors, and residents chose to retain the industrial charms of the brick warehouses and former meatpacking facilities. Now, these buildings have been repurposed into trendy restaurants, tech offices, galleries, and boutique shops – even a local barbershop!

Art and Culture: The neighborhood is known for its thriving art scene, with numerous galleries, studios, and public art installations. The galleries showcase contemporary art, street murals, and public art installations, contributing to the area's creative energy. It's also home to the bi-annual Randolph Street Market Festival, where vendors and consumers come together for some unique merchandise from boutique brands.

Dining and Nightlife: One of the defining features of the Fulton Market District is its vibrant culinary scene. It is home to numerous acclaimed restaurants, including Ever, which earned two Michelin Stars in 2022. But the area boasts more than just the uber fancy—from a heavy metal burger bar to a diverse food hall filled with an immense amount of food options, the area offers a diverse range of cuisines and dining experiences. It has become a destination for food enthusiasts and culinary tourists.
Tech and Innovation: In recent years, the West Loop has become a hub for technology and innovation, attracting startups, tech companies, and co-working spaces (including Google). This has contributed to its reputation as a vibrant and forward-thinking neighborhood and has attracted wealthier individuals.

Transportation and Accessibility: The neighborhood's proximity to downtown Chicago and its excellent transportation infrastructure, including the Morgan CTA Green Line stop, make it easily accessible for residents, workers, and visitors.
Overall, the West Loop is a dynamic and diverse neighborhood that seamlessly blends its industrial past with modern urban living, offering a unique mix of culture, cuisine, and creativity.

The name "Fulton Market" likely stems from Fulton Street, which runs through the district. Historically, Fulton Street was a major thoroughfare for the meatpacking and food distribution activities that characterized the area, leading to the adoption of the name "Fulton Market District."

Coreten Perforated Metal Facade

Perforated Metal At The CTA Morgan Station

One of the more unique features of the Morgan Street Green Line station is the use of perforated metal. Featuring large architectural panels and facades, it creates a stunning look at the station. But the perforated metal doesn't stop there. It is also featured on the deck where patrons stand. The perf panels act as wind protection to mitigate the wind and weather that can often affect an open-air transit line. In addition, infill panels are on the perimeter, acting as crowd-control fencing.

When you venture outside the station, stopping in at the wide variety of available eateries, you'll also notice perforated metal throughout the area – from facades to stair treads and risers, it's nice to the "holeiest" metal around so prominently featured.

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