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Domestic Industrial Manufacturer

Being a domestic industrial manufacturer is a proud badge to wear. From widgets to components, manufacturing is the backbone of any society. In fact, not making products domestically can cripple your supply chain. When this happens, it leads to shortages at the consumer level. Having a healthy, domestic manufacturing base can strengthen your local logistics network. Let’s look at some of the advantages of having domestic manufacturing.

Faster Shipping

A robust network of companies producing goods where you live is essential. This is a crucial ecosystem—without it, you would continually have to rely on products from overseas. The more reliant you are on overseas products, the more your supply chain suffers.

Supporting A Domestic Workforce

A domestic workforce can be a powerful thing. Let’s look at the metals industry. The Metal Service Center Institute states, “The metals manufacturing industry plays an important role in the global economy.” Here are some jaw-dropping stats from their Metal Matters outreach:

  • In the U.S., the metals industry sustains approx. 2.2 million jobs! These are good jobs you can raise a family on
  • 621 Billion dollars in the metals market goes toward the gross domestic product
  • Every year, over $60 billion is paid to local, state, and federal taxes

Having a domestic workforce that contributes to improvements in manufacturing matters—not only to the economy but also to our neighbors and friends. Every job in the metal industry creates seven supporting jobs in the economy. From architects to truck drivers, having a domestic manufacturing workforce matters to the bottom line.


Reshoring is the process of bringing domestic production of goods back from overseas. Companies across industries are doing it in droves. With supply chain issues, organizations realize that the minimal added cost of working with a domestic manufacturer no longer outweighs the bottlenecks when you buy from overseas. Having products readily available contributes to a company's bottom line. This is especially true when others don’t have it or face delays at the port. Plus, with regulations in place domestically, such as the Buy American Act, the products being produced are created to exact standards that are often much better for the environment. And as we mentioned above, the more that is re-shored, the more our economy benefits.

Accurate Perforating – A Premier Domestic Industrial Manufacturer

Accurate Perforating is proud to be a U.S.-based industrial manufacturer of perforated metal, including stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel. Our domestic workforce takes pride in their work and follows ISO 9001:2015 quality procedures to ensure our perforated metal products are consistently produced correctly. Partner with us today on your next perforated metal project to see the benefits of working with a domestic supplier.