The Cermak McCormick Place Station is located on Cermak Road, just east of State Street. This stop is the closest CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) station to McCormick Place, where some of the biggest trade shows in the world are held every week. When it was announced in 2013, it provided a much-needed stop in the historic Motor Row area and was set to become the 146th CTA Station.  

A Brief History Of the Cermak McCormick Place Station

The CTA Green Line in Chicago is approximately 20.7 miles long. It has 30 stops, from Harlem/Lake in Oak Park to Ashland/63rd in Chicago. The Green Line serves several neighborhoods on the West and South sides of the city, providing access to various attractions, businesses, and residential areas along its route. Fun fact: there was a station on Cermak from 1892 until 1977, but it was demolished in 1978. So, when the City of Chicago announced the station, it was seen as a significant win for the area and public transportation.

Spending A Day Around the Area

Cermak McCormick Place Station Map


The area surrounding the Cermak McCormick Place station has a rich history. If you draw a circle around it, going out about a mile, there's quite a bit to do, and you'll get a great experience of the area that you might not have realized was there. 

Start your day with breakfast and coffee at Momentum Coffee's South Loop location. Enjoy coffee or perhaps a Cold Brew. Then, please sit back and enjoy their chicken sausage, egg, and cheese croissant sandwich. The space is well suited for hammering out early morning emails or writing the next great novel. Whatever you choose, you'll enjoy breakfast and coffee there as you relax the morning away.

An Afternoon Near Cermak McCormick Place

After breakfast, head back onto Cermak Road, westbound, to visit Chicago's Chinatown district. About half a mile away, Chinatown is a vibrant and bustling neighborhood with a rich cultural heritage, offering visitors a chance to experience authentic Chinese cuisine, traditional architecture, and cultural events. You can browse shops for unique gifts and souvenirs, enjoy a dim sum meal at a local restaurant, visit Chinatown Square for shopping and entertainment, and explore cultural institutions like the Chinese American Museum of Chicago. It's an area you can get lost in for hours, shopping and snacking (or eating) at many eateries along the way.

As you walk back from Chinatown east towards the lake, quickly detour off Cermak and head south onto Michigan Ave to explore the Motor Row District. This historic area used to house 116 different automobile companies! Many buildings feature elaborate stone-carved stonework and ornate facades.

Before returning to the Green Line, end your day with a relaxing evening at Fatpour Tap Works, across the street from McCormick Place. You won't go home hungry with good food and plenty of beer on tap. And, if you visit Fatpour in the summertime, they have a killer patio surrounded by a beautiful modular fence to enjoy your grub and food. When you're on the patio, you'll want a lot of people-watching – especially on days when a tradeshow is in town.

Perforated Metal At The Station

the exterior of Cermak McCormick Place Green Line Stations

The Green Line's Cermak McCormick Place Station is just one stop among the hundreds on the CTA "L" train line. It also features a copious amount of perforated metal supplied by Accurate. Infill panels, partitions, railings, and screening align the stop. A circle pattern made from aluminum was selected for the project to add both decorative and functional aspects to the station. The perf panels are on the outside and inside and feature many of our customizable options, including creating borders around the panels and mounting holes to make it easy for the contractor to install them onsite.

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